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(( I am going to Army BCT (basic training) on Monday the 8th. I will be gone for 10 weeks there in FT Leonard Wood Missouri and I will have my job training there as well for 9 weeks. I got a cell phone for when I have the chance I can log into my rp accounts on check them and starts comment rps and such. when I first arrive at basic training ,however, It could be 5-8 weeks possible before they let me use my phone. It could be longer or sooner I'm not sure. I have already gotten clearance to be on a hiatus from the admins soo I'm good.  I will most likely have 3 weeks Christmas vacation and I will be all the way done with all training in January. This hiatus will start Monday the 8th.))
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Dr. Facilier
United States

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Enchante :iconfacitryplz: A tip of the hat from Dr. Facilier. I am a bokor, aka a Voodoo witchdoctor in the marvelous city of New Orleans in the glorious year 1920. Rich people stink, especially Big Daddy LaBouff, struttin' around like he's some cock of the walk. Well, sooner or later, I'll fix that.

Anyway, for all your Voodoo and Hoodoo needs, don't forget ta come see me at Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Emporium...and don't mind the Voodoo dolls and shadows glarin' at ya.


:skull:Aliases: Faci, Shadow Man

:skull: Age: Adult

:skull: Alignment: Villain

:skull: Personality: Dr. Facilier is very charismatic and charming. He's flirtatious and polite, friendly and entertaining on the outside. He can also be deceptive, shrewd, sly, cunning, and just downright nasty if he chooses. He always treads carefully and tries to learn as much as he can about his victims before striking.

:skull: Abilities: Magic Tarot Cards, He seems to be able to move with absolute silence and appear and disappear into the shadows. He has the power of illusions, Hoodoo magic, potions, powders, charms, and his friends on the other side.

:skull: Habits: Facilier is able to be extremely pleasant to anyone and everyone so long as he is given a sense of respect. He works regularly with the public without putting Voodoo curses on them, simply doing a job for regular pay. He is approachable and personable in general so long as he's treated with respect and sees no value in the client. He's also an incredible dancer and singer, showing a great deal of flexibility. Possibly able to play the piano

:skull: Flaws: While sweet and alluring, Facilier can have a terrible and even deadly temper. He has no qualms with hurting or killing others.

:skull: Companion/Pet: His shadow, his Friends on the Other side

:skull: Similar Characters: Jafar, Scar, Captain Hook, Cruela DeVille

:skull:Closest Allies: :iconwdisneyrp-arthur::iconwdisneyrp-taran::iconwdisneyrp-morgana::iconwdisneyrp-candlehead::iconwdisneyrp-quasi:

:skull:Enemies: :iconwdisneyrp-brer-fox::iconwdisneyrp-frollo::iconwdisneyrp-yen-sid::iconwdisneyrp-goofy::iconwdisneyrp-prescott:



Dr. Facilier 2 by ncfwhitetigress GotWatchaWanted by WDisneyRP-Facilier Pom Pom Pom Pom    By D15ney-d5mg44a by WDisneyRP-Facilier Transformation Central by WDisneyRP-Facilier Dancin by WDisneyRP-Facilier ChangeRound by WDisneyRP-Facilier CardFlip by WDisneyRP-Facilier Cardshuffle2 by WDisneyRP-Facilier Smallscowl by WDisneyRP-Facilier What2 by WDisneyRP-Facilier Magicstuff by WDisneyRP-Facilier Breakdance by WDisneyRP-Facilier Loahead by WDisneyRP-Facilier Shadowfriends by WDisneyRP-Facilier Spelly2 by WDisneyRP-Facilier Mycard by WDisneyRP-FacilierToot by WDisneyRP-FacilierDanceButton by WDisneyRP-FacilierFrogcatch1 by WDisneyRP-FacilierTrick by WDisneyRP-FacilierPeek by WDisneyRP-FacilierFriends2 by WDisneyRP-FacilierMoreMagic by WDisneyRP-FacilierVDollies by WDisneyRP-Facilier







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WDisneyRP-Jim Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
*Walks into the shop and puts his hands in his pockets* Nice place...creepy, but nice. *sees the voodoo dolls and poked the one with the plump head and chuckled* Reminds me of that one guy who use to be in the Benbow Inn, until we kicked him out for stealing. *looks around, but stops when he sees something that looked familiar, he was in shock for what he saw* The Story of Captain Flint...Treasure Planet. *looks around for the owner of the shop* Hello? is anyone there? I didn't know you like the tale of Treasure Planet.
WDisneyRp-Minnie Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
*humming and walking through a Louisiana marketplace* Oh, I love vacationing! :D It's so nice to meet new people, and experience their cultures and-*gasps* Oh, would you look at that! A beautiful new bow! Why, it's simply breathtaking! :D :giggle: I wonder who's in charge of this shop
WDisneyRP-Facilier Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Ah... you like?*said a man with a rather malevolent presence.*
WDisneyRp-Minnie Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
WDisneyRP-Facilier Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
It's on the house miss.
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WDisneyRP-Constance Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
*Constance walked the dark streets of New Orleans after all day waiting in the shadows for the sunrays to disappear*
WDisneyRP-Facilier Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
Hello, you are?
WDisneyRP-Constance Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
*Constance turned around with her hatchet appearing in her hand. Before attacking, she examined the person that had spoke to her. He was a strange mortal...and he did not seem frightened by her* ...Why do you care? 
WDisneyRP-Facilier Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
A newcomer in New Orleans is a friend to me. Names Facilier, Dr. facilier.
(1 Reply)
WDisneyRP-Sulley Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
*Sulley goes through the door and finds himself from New Orleans. Jazzy music sounds on background and he felt comfortable when no one didn`t know him. Although working as CEO is mostly great, sometimes Sulley got tired of fame and other monsters watching him. At least he could breath now* 
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